ScriptNoted Product Update: August 2015

ScriptNoted v1.4: Dynamic Watermarking

ScriptNoted v1.4: Dynamic Watermarking Provides Enhanced Security, Online or Off

ScriptNoted v1.4 is now available to all active subscribers. This latest release of the project development app for Media & Entertainment industry professionals includes the following new features:

» Dynamic Watermarking: ScriptNoted now allows you to watermark your files in real-time for on-screen reading via our file viewer, as well as on source file PDFs made available via viewer download or share invite attachment. This robust security feature lets easily you mark your files with the recipient’s email address, name or a unique ID. Combined with the new Bulk File Share feature below, ScriptNoted is the fastest way to generate and securely share uniquely watermarked files with your project stakeholders. Click here to learn how to set watermark defaults for your account.

» Share Expiration & Share Session Timeout: Tired of harassing your project team members or outside partners to complete their review of and provide feedback on your files? ScriptNoted now lets you set expiration timers on both the share itself, as well as the amount of time the recipient has to read and provide feedback once they’ve accessed the file for the first time.

» Version Lock: New file sharing option enables you to control whether your share recipients may access future versions of a file you’ve shared with them. If you choose to “lock version,” they will only be able access and provide feedback on the version which you shared with them, regardless of whether you’ve uploaded newer versions of your file to ScriptNoted.

» Bulk File Share: You may now perform a bulk share by selecting multiple contacts from your Contacts list and sharing a file via a single action (vs. one-to-one sharing). Our dynamic query letter templates will automatically personalize the share invitations for the recipients using data from their contact record.

» Source File Email Attachment: While we strongly believe that cloud-based project development is way of the future, we recognize that not all of your partners and stakeholders will share our conviction. To help ensure that you may still use ScriptNoted to collaborate with any “non-believers” out there, you may now elect to include the source file as a PDF attachment to our share invite emails. Your recipient may simply open and/or download the file from the email. While any interactions on such an external file attachment are not tracked by the system, it will contain the dynamic watermark, if enabled.

ScriptNoted is committed to regularly enhancing our cloud-based project development features to better serve you and your projects. An agile development team, we typically announce new version releases on a monthly basis.

Should you have a feature that you’d love to see or have a suggestion to make our current experience better, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Aug, 14, 2015