We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ App…

ScriptNoted Home Screen Icon on iPhone 6

ScriptNoted Home Screen Icon on iPhone 6

For any business productivity tool these days, mobility is key. With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices growing more and more powerful every quarter and WiFi and mobile connectivity keeping pace, today’s technology customers and end users expect that a platform and its features be available on-the-go, 24/7.

As more and more Media & Entertainment industry professionals are equally demanding when managing their project pipeline, we designed the entire ScriptNoted user experience to be mobile responsive.

What’s mobile responsive, you ask?  Simply put, it means that you may benefit from using ScriptNoted – and all of its development workflow management features – on any Internet-connected mobile device, using only the standard web browser that comes already installed on it. You don’t need to download and keep updating separate mobile applications specific to your iPhone or Droid device to get the latest, greatest user experience. (How sweet is that?)

And because ScriptNoted is a cloud-based platform, you may access all of your project pipeline data – projects, teams, files, contacts, call notes, page notes and feedback – wherever and whenever you need to.

ScriptNoted makes script-based project productivity painless. Anywhere. Anytime. On any device. Without no stinkin’ (mobile) app.

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Jul, 14, 2015