ScriptNoted Featured on SSN Insider…

SSN Insider featured ScriptNoted in its article on technology for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry, posted earlier today – “ScriptNoted & the 7 Management Apps to Clean Up Your Workflow, Collaborate with the Team & Secure Your Files.” A snippet appears below:

“If you work in the tech industry you probably have already been using a cloud-based project management system to get your work done. Beyond email or to-do lists, project management applications allow all of the parts of your work like correspondence and data storage to be in one place, in ways that are actionable and collaborative. The applications are powerful to say the least, but haven’t been put to good use in the entertainment industry. ScriptNoted is here to change that…”

No argument here! Click here to request a demo of ScriptNoted today…

Jun, 08, 2015